What is "The Inferno Skream Show"?

"The Inferno Skream Show" goes back as far as 2009 as a simple podcast that people put on their 1st generation iPods and Zunes. It was met with decent reviews from Inferno's parents which led him to continue to write terrible jokes in which he would be the only one laughing. After only 9 lost (hopefully forever) episodes, Inferno shelved his creation for more scholastic endeavors. Jump forward to 2011. A radio station actually allows Inferno to bring his show to the actual airwaves, where he would grace the listening area with his "non traditional" humor and the "latest and greatest in rock and metal!" This show lasted until the Fall of 2016 when his timeslot was taken and given to shows which had political agendas and played really terrible hipster crap. Those bastards. How dare they take my...I mean Inferno's timeslot away from him?

Now, it's the present day. "The Inferno Skream Show" has now resurfaced as if it were the beautiful metamorphosis of a butterfly. It has gone from strictly a radio program to a media explosion of epic proportions. "The Inferno Skream Show" now broadcasts via the Internet as a podcast, a youTube show, as well as an occasional live broadcast via Twitch and Facebook Live. Inferno will now stream his less than fantastic gaming skills with all of the latest and greatest in games. Watch while 5 year olds school him on Xbox Live and PS4! Inferno also would like to state that he doesn't PC game often because he's a Mac user and that you'd know what that meant.

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